About Us

Share Component Limited (Share Electronics Group Limited) Design and Manufacture Connector & Components , Provide Cable Assemble service.
Custom Cable Wire and Connectors.

Our products include Multi-pin Connector, High power connector,Cable Assemble Services.
We not only supply a kind of product, we would like to offer a solution to our customers.

If you have a new project, no matter how complex or challenging, Please just come to approach us, We would like to know if we could help.

Metal Components Design & Manufacture.
Plastic Mold and Injection.
Cable Custom Solution.

Innovation, Practice,Unremittingly.
OEM electrical connector and cable assembies.

Email: sales@share-electronics.com

Share Component Limited specialize in Connection Components and Electrical Cables manufacturing field.

We undertake electrical and optical's connection and transmission solution technology.

We design and undertake electrical components project.

The high quality products with competitive price, and comprehensive service are what we wer committed to providing.